STELLA!!! – The Pup That Almost Got Away.

Stella is a pit mix who has had a hard life. She is a female dog used for breeding who was spotted wandering alone on Jaycee Shack Road. Stella is also very crafty, as she had eluded animal control for 2 days. Eventually she was brought into the Lowndes County Animal Shelter by a concerned citizen. A board member of the Humane Society of Valdosta Lowndes County contacted the LCAS agreeing to pull her after the 5-day stray hold was up. All was going according to plan until we hit a roadblock. Stella was labeled aggressive after she growled at a staff member. After an extraordinary effort, she finally was extracted and saved from needless euthanasia. It turns out that Stella is not aggressive and is a real sweetie. She has now become our poster child to explain the changes we all should demand. She is also an example of why we all love dogs!

Some Facts To Consider

  • Large breed dogs are often not given a fair chance to leave the shelter alive. They are deemed unadoptable, aggressive, or even dangerous without any supporting data.
  • Many shelters do not typically conduct behavioral Assessments in a neutral location. The National Standard, as articulated by the American Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, states that animals should be evaluated by experts outside of the shelter.( Vol. 15, Sept.-Oct 2016, pp. 66-77 )
  • Dogs like Stella make up a large portion of the group that the HSVLC is focused on to reach our goal of being a no-kill community. Our organization concentrates on animals typically overlooked by our fellow rescues and shelter staff. Nationwide, since 1984, there has been a 97% reduction in unnecessary euthanasia. HSVLC has played a major role in significantly lowering dog and cat overpopulation countywide. However, there still exists a major problem with large breed dogs.

SO, How Can You Help?

  • Volunteer to help our Life Ride Transport Program. This program helps relocate dogs like Stella to other parts of the country where they are in demand and quickly find loving homes. We also are in constant need of helpers to assist with temporary kennel duties and short-term fostering to house dogs for a few days prior an animal’s trip to freedom.
  • Make a contribution to the HSVLC! Consider a tax-deductible donation to help keep this, and other key programs up and running. Let’s continue our life-saving work. Only 10% of pet owners are animal advocates.

So, What Happened To Stella?

She is currently undergoing complete vetting and basic training. Her demeanor and spirit has amazed even the most experienced experts. Her plight has encouraged us to save them all and to finally finish the task of making Valdosta and Lowndes County a NO KILL ZONE!

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The Humane Society of Valdosta in Lowndes County serves as the parent organization for programs that advocate and take action to benefit those who cannot speak for themselves. Our ultimate goal is to merit a “No Kill” status for our community and stay the course in providing homes to homeless pets.

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