Kittens nurse (or are bottle fed) until they are about 5 weeks old. At that age, they start to wean off of milk and begin eating soft food. Once they weigh about two pounds a few weeks later, they can be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and will be ready to go home! This page features all of the younger kittens in our care, or “pre-adoptables.” This page may also feature other animals who are waiting to be vetted or recover from an injury. You can still fall in love and apply to adopt those listed on this page! But they are not yet ready to go home.



Geoff is a male kitten a little over 2 months old. He has a pretty orange tabby coat and a loving purrsonality. Geoff loves to snuggle and play like a typical kitten. He does well with kids, other cats, and dogs. He’s not quite big enough to be neutered, but you can apply to adopt

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Jude is a pretty grey male kitten about 2 months old. He is a little timid as he is still being socialized with humans. But he is very sweet and, given the chance, we know that he will blossom into a wonderful family member. He is not quite old enough to go home yet, but

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Harper is a 3 month old female kitten. She is very sweet and loves to play. She is not quite old enough to go home, but you can apply to adopt her today!

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Hazel is a female kitten about 3 months old. She is a spunky sweet girl who loves to play and gives great cuddles! Hazel isn’t quite old enough to go home yet, but you can apply to adopt her today!

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Amos is a 3 month old male kitten. He is very loving and sweet and is ready to find his furever family. He’s still awaiting some final vetting and neuter in order to go home, but you can apply to adopt him today!

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Tavi is a sweet solid grey and white kitten about 8 months old. He is very loving and loves to purr while he eats or gets loved on. He is more of an adventurer and enjoys exploring and playing rather than lounging, but given the right person he is definitely a good snuggler. This sweet

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