Kittens nurse (or are bottle fed) until they are about 5 weeks old. At that age, they start to wean off of milk and begin eating soft food. Once they weigh about two pounds a few weeks later, they can be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and will be ready to go home! This page features all of the younger kittens in our care, or “pre-adoptables.” You can still fall in love and apply to adopt those listed on this page! But they are not yet ready to go home.


Dusty Bottoms

Dust Bottoms is a sweet male kitten almost 6 weeks old. He is still growing big enough to go to a furever home, but you can apply to pre-adopt him today!

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Ned Nederlander

Ned is a sweet little male kitten about 6 weeks old on the right side of this picture. He is not quite big enough to go to his furever home, but you can still apply to pre-adopt him today!

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Lucky Day

Lucky Day is the darker brown female on the left of the picture. she is about 6 weeks old and is available to pre-adoption. You can apply today and take her home when she’s old enough!

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Xeva is a gorgeous and loving Siamese cat about 8 years old. She has been through a lot and really needs to know she is loved. She’s looking for a wonderful family to call her own that will love her forever and treat her like the special girl that she is. If you’d like to

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Clyde is a supper sweet and loving male kitten about 3-4 weeks. He is still growing big and strong in his foster home, but you can apply to adopt him right now!

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Bonnie is a super sweet and fun loving kitten about 3-4 weeks old. She needs a little more time to grow big and strong in her foster home, but you can apply to adopt her now!

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