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Dear fellow pet lovers,

We’re so ecstatic to share that we’ve helped numerous companion animals this week. We completed two emergency transports to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, and surrounding counties. On Wednesday, Feb. 3, we transported 22 adult dogs and puppies to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Amongst the pack, we had a pregnant dog and a nursing mama with 7 pups. Here are some of the animals that went on the Life Ride.

On Friday, we assisted in a collaborative effort to transport 42 cats from multiple rescues. The rescues that participated in the Life Ride were Thomasville Humane Society, Moultrie Humane Society, Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary, Smitten with Kittens, and local Lowndes County Animal Shelter.

We pride ourselves on speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. For years, Lowndes County was labeled as a high skill zone. Our primary goal is to help Lowndes County reach No Kill zone status. This means that less than 10% of animals that enter the local Lowndes County Animal Shelter would be euthanized. As a result, we started implementing our Life Ride transport program to help at-risk animals.

The Life Ride Transport program allows us to reduce the total intakes and prevent overpopulation at the animal shelter. It’s not the final solution to overpopulation or euthanasia. However, transporting animals out of the state of Georgia allows us to save at-risk animals from kill shelters and move them to no-kill shelters or rescues. States surrounding Georgia and, in the north, have spay/neuter laws that create a need for adoptable animals. We frequently travel to destinations such as Maryland and Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. With our state-of-the-art transport trailer, we can transport up to 22 animals to their potential furever homes. In 2020, we have transported approximately 700 animals out of the shelter.

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The Humane Society of Valdosta in Lowndes County serves as the parent organization for programs that advocate and take action to benefit those who cannot speak for themselves. Our ultimate goal is to merit a “No Kill” status for our community and stay the course in providing homes to homeless pets.

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